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We provide a range of services to teams. While the exact support is customized, our help frequently includes a combination of the elements below.


Meeting or Retreat Facilitation

Planning and facilitating key meetings, like team retreats, and ensuring the follow-up is strong so the team meets its objectives and gets the most from the investment.


Process Support

Helping teams through processes like strategic or operational planning. My work assumes the team has the knowledge, and my support is there to provide a strong process so their energy in on the business substance.


Team & Individual Assessment

Choosing and debriefing assessments that can help the team understand itself better, and sharpen roles and processes within the team for better results.


Team Roles and Structure

Helping the team decide who does what, how work gets done, and how the team is organized. Like much of my work, I make sure we “road test” these ideas with live and important business issues.


Leader & Team Member Coaching

Helping individual team members, or the leader, show up to earn more credibility and trust, and help the team.


Team-Effectiveness Tools

Introducing and helping the team adopt tools – such as for meetings or decisions – to ensure what can be simple doesn’t take up undue energy.


Learning & Development

Helping the team strengthen competencies that can directly improve results and experience.


Change Management

Supporting teams in changing by introducing new ways of working – and more important, thinking – to adapt to new goals and strategies.


Teams of Teams

Helping multiple teams build trust, a sense of common purpose, and effective working mechanics.

Asked Questions

Not necessarily frequently asked, but they come up from time to time …


What’s different about your services compared to other facilitators?

I  have the experience to move between sharp business acumen and people-focused conversations. With an MBA and experience in strategy and operations consulting, I am there to go deep into the business of clients (be they teams in for-profit or not-for-profit organizations). My years of experience in leadership, culture and coaching mean I have a knack for assisting clients in addressing “people factors” that have the power to make or break success.


"Is an outside facilitator really worth it?"

Is there something significant at stake financially? If yes, then I would ask whether the team's work is substantively complex and strongly affected by basic human factors. Outside support is worth considering. And finally, imagine if the key leaders were free from structuring and running the process or conversation to focus on the really important questions – if that’s seems appealing, then you’ll likely find it worth it to hire a facilitator – if that person is a good fit.


"Will you be a good fit?"

If you respect the importance of the work you are doing, and are ready to change, then yes. All teams have resources to get something done, and the resource-provider (corporate entities, investors, funders, taxpayers …) is asking for something in return. I have a soft spot for teams that take that responsibility seriously. Together, we can gave a great experience digging deep to get the results you want. 


"Do you have a certain process?"

To a certain extent, yes. I have a lot of experience and tools to draw on. That said, I respect the uniqueness of every client situation – and I do my best work when I am learning and creating. So, yes, I have established ways of working, but I don’t let jargon, frameworks, approaches, and prior experiences substitute for real thinking, engagement, and commitment. 

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