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The Importance of "What" and "How"

I believe at any moment in a team two elements are present:

  1. The “what” – core business issues that the team is addressing

  2. The “how” – the ways that the humans on the team are working

Improving the WHAT and HOW is what I’m trained to do. With an MBA focused on organizational development, and a long record supporting teams on business and people issues, I have diverse experience and tools to draw on.  

Why does that help? In key moments, leaders and teams might lock in on one element at the expense of the other. But what and how are the yin and yang of team success. Chasing one while neglecting the other does not work. These two elements shape each other, and to try to address either alone is a missed opportunity.

One cannot address team dynamics without referencing the real, important issues where they play out. The commitments will be abstract and not accountable. Likewise, teams that address business questions of any complexity and importance without unearthing the human dimensions will, at some point, hit a wall.

Core Values


Maintaining an appropriate distance from emotions and situations so we can observe and understand.


Thinking and speaking with precision, accuracy, and clear distinctions.


Saying what it real and important, event when it’s difficult.


Knowing how important our work together is, and seeing the positive in situations and people.


Jonathan Becker

I am a management consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on team effectiveness. My goal is to help people who work together strengthen their mutual understanding, clarity, and trust … so they can achieve their goals. My natural style is to work collaboratively, bringing resources, frameworks, and facilitation to complement the intrinsic strengths and motivation of my clients.

I was born in San Francisco and grew up in the Point Reyes area of West Marin. I graduated from Marin Academy, Yale University (BA, Political Science), and U.C. Berkeley (MBA, concentration on organizational behavior).

I reside in the east bay with my wife and two sons. We are active in our schools and local community, and I have provided services pro bono or at reduced costs to nonprofits especially in the area of the environment.  I am active in endurance sports, and have done the SF-LA AIDS ride and a Team-in-Training triathlon.